Welcome to my research pages.

Currently you can find my updated publication list and some blog posts. These pages will be gradually extended.


Academy Research Fellow: Accurate Imaging with Sound and Light (AI-SOL)
The project will concentrate on providing necessary methodological advances to enable large-scale 3D photoacoustic imaging for in vivo applications. The funding will allow for one PhD student within the project, related announcements will follow. The news from the academy can be found here: (link).

Deep learning in photoacoustic tomography: current approaches and future directions
Our review with Ben Cox is published in the journal for biomedical optics. We put learned image reconstruction within photoacoustic tomography into context, review different approaches and provide a tutorial style introduction for others who want to get started. (Paper link).

Sawing Optimization via Deep Learning and Multi-instrument Imaging
New grant approved by the Academy of Finland for a 2 year project (2020-2022) with Lassi Roininen (LUT) and Ozan ├ľktem (KTH) on optimizing sawing patterns to improve sustainability in the sawing industry.