Visit to UCL and Cambridge

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The 2nd IMA Conference On Inverse Problems From Theory To Application was held at UCL, so this was a perfect chance to visit London for an extended period to catch up on some projects. I stayed a total of 10 days, including a short visit to Cambridge to Carola Schönlieb’s group.

The first day started well. Arriving at 3pm and heading right to a meeting at UCL to catch up on some great work on QPAT, followed by a pint and lecture on Cricket at one of our favourite pubs. After sleeping on Jonas Adler’s surprisingly comfortable couch, we had breakfast at the Google offices, for which we actually came in a bit too late. Seriously, who stops serving breakfast at 10am in London?

Then heading to Cambridge in the evening, sleeping in an old College with windows from the 19th century. The next day I gave a talk in the CMIH seminar (Centre for Mathematical Imaging in Healthcare), similar to my presentation at the AAPM. Followed by a great talk from Guy Gilboa and then the happy hour on the grass in front of the Department.

Back in London, we made an effort to catch up on all our projects. So hopefully we can publish some new great work here soon. After closing my visit with the conference and a talk on our diffusion networks, I came back to Finland pretty tired with the serious need for some rest.

Talk slides

IMA slides: here